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Heavy gantry CNC cutting machine

CNC flame cutting machine is a new type of machine introduced by our company. The active driving end beam and cross beam of the machine adopt box beam welding structure. After welding...<
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Product Name: CNC flame plasma cutting machine


Description of the manufacturer of automatic laser welding machine

CNC flame cutting machine is a new type of machine introduced by our company. The active driving end beam and cross beam of the machine adopt box beam welding structure. After welding, stress relief treatment is carried out. It has compact structure, beautiful appearance, small inertia, good rigidity and stable operation. The CNC cutting machine control system can be selected according to the user, with high cost-effective sh2200, stable and reliable fagor8035, as well as high-grade American Haibao edge Pro controller. The machine is also equipped with automatic ignition and automatic height adjustment functions, which perfectly embodies the intelligent automation of CNC cutting machine.

CNC control system

1. Haibao edge Pro

Edge Pro is designed by Haibao company for all cutting mainstream applications, which integrates a large number of tools and technologies. It's easy to integrate and very flexible. Edge Pro can meet most customer application requirements. The system adopts 15 Inch Touch Screen (adopting new saw technology of anti surface acoustic wave), two operation stations and standard user operation panel - standard control lever and speed governor, which makes user operation more simple and convenient. It contains very rich cutting functions and process parameters, which is an excellent choice for CNC cutting machine.


2. Spanish fagor8035-cnc control system

Fagor8035 numerical control system is a three-axis numerical control system developed by FAGOR company in Spain. It occupies the world market with its very high reliability and excellent performance price ratio. Its features: Multilingual function; built-in PLC central control unit; multiple user operation functions: automatic, manual, single section, theory, display, editing, input / output, slotting compensation, parameter setting And so on. The system is equipped with 8 "color LCD display, USB excuse for parts program backup. 12 free keys can define their functions according to the requirements of the machine. The system is also equipped with RS232 interface.


3. Sh2200cnc numerical control system

Sh2200cnc numerical control system is produced by Beijing Star Company. It has superior functions, reliable quality and flexible supporting. It can meet the use requirements of numerical control flame cutting machine and has high cost performance.

A variety of operation functions: automatic, manual, programming, parameter setting, diagnosis, file management and so on; real-time motion graphics display, cutting nozzle location and control program display; return to re cut function and adjust the cutting nozzle function during cutting process, can force interrupt cutting; system self diagnosis function, power outage protection function; friendly man-machine interface, complete cutting process, convenient operation. All Chinese menu display, to facilitate the needs of the Chinese market.


Plasma power supply

Technical functions:

The inverter plasma power supply produced by our company is a new generation of CNC plasma power supply specially designed for CNC cutting machine. It has the characteristics of small power interference, good cutting forming, high efficiency, stable operation, etc. it is an excellent choice for CNC machine tools equipped with domestic plasma.

Other optional plasma power supplies are as follows

Equipment characteristics

1. Adopt Haibao edge or Beijing Star control system;

2. The drive adopts Panasonic servo motor of Japan;

3. Neugart reducer in Germany;

4. The lifting mechanism adopts aluminum alloy structure, the lifting guide adopts through lifting, and the ball screw is used for lifting;

5. Imported precision linear guide rail is driven by precision gear rack (Grade 7 precision) only when it is driven longitudinally and transversely;

6. The transverse guide rail adopts the straight guide rail imported from Taiwan, and the longitudinal guide rail is made of the special steel rail processed precisely to ensure the smooth operation, high accuracy, durability, cleanness and beauty of the cutting machine; the planetary gear reducer is used to decelerate, which can perfectly ensure the accuracy and balance of the movement;

7. Heavy gantry structure;

8. Joint venture cutting torch and gas system.



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