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Light H-beam production line

H-beam assembling machine is a special machine for H-beam forming. In the process of H-beam assembling...<
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Brief introduction to the comprehensive description of products of gantry welding machine manufacturer:

H-beam assembling machine is a special machine for H-beam forming. In the process of H-beam assembling, the configured hydraulic clamping device can be used to realize synchronous clamping and automatic centering. Ensure accurate positioning of different width and width plates and wing plates within the specified range; according to the user's requirements, it can be set as the automatic assembly of section H-beam.

H-beam erecting machine can be used as a kind of equipment in H-beam production line. It is specially designed for processing H-beam products. The detailed knowledge about this kind of equipment is as follows. You can learn about it.


1, structure

H-section steel erecting machine is mainly composed of gantry, pull rod system, hydraulic system, input and output raceway, electric control system and other parts. Moreover, these parts are all welded structural parts, which can play their due role only when they cooperate with each other while each department is responsible.

2, characteristics

Due to the relationship of material, H-beam erecting machine has good strength and can bear large load; moreover, the reverse screw synchronous transmission adopted by the equipment can realize synchronous and automatic centering of clamping mechanism. At the same time, it can ensure the accuracy of the operation and the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. Compared with the traditional equipment, H-beam erecting machine overcomes and avoids many problems, making the equipment more recognized.


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