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Industrial robot

The internal cable design of the new robot is separated from the wrist to make the replacement operation fast...<
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  • Date of issue:2019-11-12
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Improve service ability

The internal cable design of the new robot is separated from the wrist to make the replacement operation fast

Extended maintenance plan

ZDT can intelligently predict any potential mechanical or process equipment problems that lead to abnormal production stop, so as to make replacement operation at appropriate time

Faster and more accurate in the same level

Productivity and accuracy are improved by its higher stiffness (15% more accuracy than arc mate100ic).

A smooth surface

The revolutionary design reduces splash build-up.

Fully integrated welding cable

The welding pipeline and sensor passing through the panel flange from the j1axis are locally easier and no longer interfere with the peripheral equipment.

Slim and curved J2 arm

The new lightweight design reduces the interference between workpiece and fixture as much as possible, and improves the productivity of work area.


Cable Management

1. The robot moves at high speed without interference between external tools and peripheral equipment

2. Replacement of simple welding tools reduces maintenance and downtime

3. Industrial level first offline simulation including welding tools and sensors

4. The cable management page shows the powerful benefits as a result of the new design

For example, each page has a theme:

1) complete range of motion with high current, water-cooled welding cable and sensor

2) enhance reliability by managing multiple welding equipment packages in the arm

3) intelligent and compact design allows fast service and easy maintenance


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