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Gas shielded welderNBC-350

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  • Date of issue:2019-11-12
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This is one of the gas shielded welding machines. It is called the inverter gas shielded welding machine because the inverter technology of soft switch is used in the equipment. For more information about this kind of welding machine, it is introduced below.

1, structure

The inverter gas shielded welding machine is mainly composed of IGBT, fast recovery diode, integrated circuit, relay and other key components, and the components have high reliability, so the stability of the whole equipment is ensured.

2, characteristics

Compared with other welding machines, the welding parameters of the inverter gas shielded welding machine can be adjusted, and it has high working efficiency, and the welding effect is also very ideal. At the same time, the inverter gas shielded welding machine has also formed a large-scale, which can realize assembly line production, and the overall cost performance is very high.

3. Basic parameters

Input power: 3 ~ 380V 50 / 60Hz

Current regulation range: 60 ~ 315 a

No load output voltage: 65 V

Rated load duration: 35%


Technical function

With inverter technology, the output is stable and the ability of resisting network voltage fluctuation is strong (± 10%);

Electronic reactor control, stable welding process, small spatter, deep weld pool, good forming;

Can switch MIG / MAG / MMA welding;

It can realize solid core and flux core welding;

The function of post welding chipping ensures the success rate of arc striking;

Add 50 meters of cable;

With automatic welding interface, automatic welding can be realized;

It is suitable for welding of medium and thick plates above 1.0mm.

Widely used in high speed welding of steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.

The unique design ensures that the welding machine can be used under the input voltage of ac320v-460v.

Unique design, small flying irrigation, smooth weld, especially suitable for all position welding;

Spot welding is fast, the welding point is smooth without undercut, and the thin plate is not easy to wear, especially suitable for furniture and other thin plate welding.

When flux cored wire or mixed gas shielded welding is used, the effect is better than that of gas shielded welding machine.



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