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Urinal portable cutting machine

  • Model :Urinal portable cutting machine
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  • Date of issue:2019-11-12
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CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers talk about portable CNC cutting machine with all the functions of CNC gantry cutting machine. It is an ideal replacement product of semi-automatic gas cutting machine, copying cutting machine and cutting car. It is an economic and intelligent operation and maintenance equipment, which is specially used for metal plate cutting. Programmable single or batch cutting any plane complex graphics, support flame, plasma cutting, the overall equipment covers a small area, light and easy to move, suitable for indoor and outdoor cutting. It can be directly placed on the plate to be cut, so that the working efficiency can be increased by more than 3-7 times, and at the same time, the cutting cost can be saved, the secondary processing can be reduced, and the production efficiency can be improved. The cutting accuracy can be comparable with the CNC gantry cutting machine. It has the characteristics of ultra-low cost, high automation, convenient use, high precision, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance.


It is suitable for carbon steel (flame), stainless steel and non-ferrous metal (plasma) cutting, and has remarkable effect on cutting special-shaped parts and mass production.

Application scope: applicable to large, medium and small factories and mines, widely used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, engineering machinery, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, steel structure, automobile manufacturing and other industries.


Operation steps:

1. CAD drawing file is converted into G code by nesting software, i.e. cutting track file

2. Use U disk to copy G code to CNC system and start cutting

System configuration:


Product characteristics:

Parts of any shape can be cut individually or in batches.

Intelligent numerical control system adopts human-oriented positive man-machine dialogue design, which is easy to operate;

The mechanical structure is made of special high-strength integrated aluminum alloy material, which has been treated by high temperature oxidation and wear resistance. The inner side of the structure is reinforced to effectively prevent the damage caused by long-term operation and wear to the mechanical structure, to achieve stable transmission and ensure the cutting accuracy.

Support flame and plasma cutting;

High efficiency and low cost;

Small floor area, can be moved at will, not occupy a fixed site;

Strong stability, effective shielding of high-frequency plasma interference, light and portable;

High cutting accuracy, smooth and beautiful incision;

Standard software: FastCAM nesting software, internationally used; compatible with type3 / artcut6 / CAXA / Auto CAD / Art cam and other software.



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